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About Husse Since 1987

 Husse evolution since 1987 


Today, Husse is established in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia and North and South America, with approximately 750 franchisees operating across this demographic; Husse’s products are being used by roughly 300,000 customers globally. 

Husse’s dog and cat products consist of super premium and premium quality ingredients which are produced in optimum factories with highly qualified people and professional equipment. 

The vast amount of loyal customers that Husse has all over the world shows that our guarantee of second to none products and our high quality production process is above satisfactory.


Tom Eliasson " Husse was founded in Sweden in 1987. Today, 29 years on, Husse is available in over 50 countries worldwide and enjoyed by thousands of pet owners through our network of 750 franchisees. 

 I hope you enjoy the Husse website. Inside you will find a versatile range of products for dogs, cats and horses, delivered free to your door by a local Husse Pet Nutritionist.

  Not sure which products to choose? Contact your local Husse Pet Nutritionist or the head office. Together, we’ll find the right product for your pet, taking into account breed, age, weight, activity level and current health condition."

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Tom Eliasson  CEO Husse






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Husse Cat Litter tray, White

Husse Cat Litter tray, White

Kattenbaklade wit


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Bravo: 150 gr

Bravo: 150 gr

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